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15 Shades of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In easy terms, a compilation of steps you may take to make your website score better in Google searches and other search engines. These activities include the usage of specific keywords in the text of your webpage, the title and explanation of your web sites, and many more. Why is this important? Since showing up higher in search engine results implies that more customers can locate your page, read about your company, purchase your goods, or use your services.

1. Your customers are searching for your products and services

Do you realise that every second there are 40,000 searches? Now just think about how many customers may be searching for the same goods or services that your company is providing. There are over 2 billion users online and almost 93% of all web operation begins with the search engine and an average of 3.5 billion searches takes place every day. Can you only picture the possibilities the company has if you would reach out to people? Good SEO means that you are searchable under these keywords.

2. Increase web traffic on your site

You can use SEO to draw traffic to your site. The greatest thing is that customers are looking for goods or services making them qualified leads. At the end of the day, reliable traffic becomes your future customers. These customers are already fascinated by what you have to offer, thus no need to spend that much in advertising. 

3. Less capital needed for customer acquisition. 

The best aspect of SEO is that it's free!  All you have to do is recruit a professional SEO team, like us, and save money on hefty advertisement. The fastest and most cost-effective way to acquire customers is SEO.

4. Good content = loyal customers

Who doesn't search something using google? Everyone does. People believe Google and ordinary users use Google to discover what they're searching for. If your company ranks high on the search page, your business will gain trust and reputation that will inevitably transform these viewers into a dedicated client base. Thirty-seven per cent of the search engine clicks on the first organic page.

5. Increase your sales

SEO greatly raises revenue. People who find your company in the search engine will believe you, as we spoke about in the previous sections. And that confidence and reputation influences purchase decisions which ultimately impact sales.

6. SEO is Measurable

You can track organic traffic and how the website rating is improving. You may also calculate your conversations with SEO, and the conversion source. We can help you find the best keyword for your business and grow it organically in the best possible way.

7. Assist with background research

Before purchasing their goods and services, we all seem to be doing some background research on any company, don't we? Naturally, we all do it! And if the search engine can easily locate your business, then customers are more likely to buy from you. Most people do their online research and an effective SEO often improves offline sales as such research is conducted by people using the search engine. So SEO becomes an immense force in offline transactions.

8. Cost-effective and better than advertising

It would be a no-brainer, if you rank high in search engines, your business will grow naturally. SEO has the influence that no advertisement does. and don't have to spend any mad money here and there.

9. Your competition is ahead in the game

It is survival of the fittest irrespective on you using SEO or not, your rivals certainly are. Everyone begins their internet journey with a quest, and that gives your rivals the advantage over you when they already use SEO! You must use SEO eventually, or else you're not going to have any market left to target. 

10. Higher Business Valuation

SEO can improve the total valuation of your company. The higher your SEO score, the more known your brand becomes. SEO rating is an important intangible asset.

11.Gain more followers on Social Media

The more users visit your site, the more inclined they would be to visit your social networking pages. A successful SEO campaign begins with integrated social media platforms and will only increase the number of visits to the website, vice versa also increase the number of Social Media followers.

12. SEO Improves Click-Through-Rate

Great Seo rankings will boost the click-through rate of your website. And to boost the SEO, you need to have a strong click-through rate. CTR stands for click-through rate: the number of clicks site receives per number of impressions. 

13. Improves Site's Security

SEO would boost the traffic on your website by a massive amount, which would only push you to keep your website safe and secure. In the online environment, viruses and theft are very popular. Safe and sustainable websites will increase the rating of your website as a secure website.

14. Increase website speed

Strong customer interface will guarantee visitors are happy. While you are focusing on the SEO of your websites, the pace of your website would also improve. And a high-speed website will help you provide users with even better user experience.

15. Be Unique

There are more than 250 million websites on the Internet. SEO helps your website to stand out from the crowd by appearing in the first few pages. This will not only increase your site visits, but it will also make your website more popular, trustworthy and credible among many other websites.

Let us know how we can help improve your site's visibility online and deliver a fruitful return on your investment. Contact me at sales@digicommerce.ie

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