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How AI is revolutionising Digital Marketing and improving Customer Service?

Artificial intelligence (AI) shines as one of the most successful social networking and marketing outreach tools in today's fast-paced, technology-oriented world. The way companies find, produce, and cultivate leads has been completely transformed.

The number of internet and social media users have risen in recent years. As of 2020, an estimated 3.8 billion people are currently using social networking sites.

With so many netizens, it's entirely predictable that your consumers are in this group, along with your potential consumers. But the problem remains, how do you get to them?

Industry experts suggest that recent developments in AI can enable companies to transform prospective clients into potential raving supporters.

Marketers worldwide are already making huge returns on AI innovations. While the AI software market generated revenue of $1.4bn in 2016, Tractica estimates it will hit $59.8bn by 2025.

Employing AI in Business

AI simulates human intellect using machines and computer systems. These mechanisms include thinking, reasoning, and self-correcting.

In marketing, AI combines components such as machine learning and user data to attempt and predict a client's next step and significantly improve their journey.

Advances in analytics tools and the emergence of big data helped advertisers identify their target customers. Equipped with data analytics, marketing managers can increase marketing spend and see a greater ROI.

While, according to Chatbots Magazine, 80% of businesses would incorporate chatbot technology to their customer service team. Business analysts use AI in nearly every sector, leading to higher revenue, fewer refunds and better user interfaces for consumer loyalty.

AI marketing has captivated management departments worldwide. According to a Statista study, 84% of respondents said AI gave them a business advantage over competitors.

Here is an analysis of AI's future marketing and customer support impact in the next few years, including:

1. Improved recommendations regarding product and content.

The practice of analysing consumer to determine their future behaviour started two decades ago. During the same time, Amazon started introducing collaborative screening to deliver reviews to millions of consumers.

Fast forward to today, and several blue-chip technology firms have built their company and business strategies around the idea of consumer targeting of highly specific goods and personalized services.

2. Effective Social Engagement and Customer Support.

According to research by Microsoft, 97% of customers claim that customer support is an essential consideration when selecting a brand.

Thankfully, AI-powered Intelligent Messaging Platforms enable companies to enhance their overall customer support experience.

These platforms can record customer comments and feedback based on purchase habits, regardless of whether they are retail, e-commerce or health care. The future of customer service lies here.

3. Enhanced Search Engines.

Through technologies such as semantic search and natural language processing ( NLP), search engines can browse through various pages, compare related references, auto-correct mistakes, and locate specific search results.

Equipped with these tools, customers can discover goods that are well-tailored to their desires and preferences, even though they were not originally exactly what they were searching for.

4. Better Advertising.

Marketing teams can dig deep into social profiles and keyword searches with the help of AI-based solutions. Marketers could effectively produce human-level results by utilizing the knowledge obtained by AI.

5. Improved Click-through Rates.

Consumers are much less generous with time than they were a decade ago, hence 24-hour customer service is the secret to establish brand loyalty. Research reveals that if you address questions in less than 60 minutes you are 70% more likely to transform a lead.

Chatbots are an ideal application for AI and help company owners to stay in touch with customers, particularly if there is no human employee who can answer questions.

6. Recurring Clients.

Customer care who implement ai technology can manage routine queries quickly. Instead of having the user to browse blindly through your page, they should be able to message a chatbot on your site directly and inquire for the product. Your bot will send out an immediate response and you will have a better chance to keep that consumer.

7. Make Customised Recommendations.

E-commerce platforms have a wide array of options when it comes to customized AI recommendations. The first choice resembles what Amazon uses for its website. You can categorise the goods into various groups and create guidelines to sell specific items based on customer experience, like previous sales, based on information gathered by AI.

8. Manage Client Reviews

Artificial intelligence can manage basic tasks, such as compiling form and survey data into comprehensive reporting. Such knowledge will be used to see the audience's overall emotions and to fully grasp their pressure points.

AI succeeds when it comes to recognizing trends that consumers show both deliberately and unconsciously.

9. Automated Recruitment Process.

Machine learning technology also supports HR teams hiring staff, automating procedures such as reviewing applications, monitoring candidates and arranging interviews. AI would allow recruiting and training more effective, saving a great deal of time by leveraging vast volumes of data to suit the expertise, knowledge and abilities of a candidate to the specifications of the position.

In addition, chatbots can question applicants as another aspect of the selection method, evaluating responses and even facial expressions to decide if the applicant is a good match for the business.

Each aspect of our daily lives is infiltrated by AI and with its anticipated growth in all sectors and industries, time and money for AI solutions are present and future needs. Thus, the onus in on you to hire DigiCommerce.ie equipped with the right strategy that works now and in the future for continued success.

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