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How chatbots can automate your customer service and boost sales?

For decades there has been the concept of making a system that had human-like thinking processes. The notion of a humanistic automaton able to reason amazed physicists, thinkers, and even sculptors.

In his 1872 science fiction book, Erewhon, author Samuel Butler wrote the vision of a mechanical consciousness. Notwithstanding the excitement and curiosity on the topic, it was not until 1966 that some sort of artificial intelligence took shape: ELIZA.

What is a Chatbot? 

To put it plainly, chatbots are machine programs that interact with your customers driven by artificial intelligence. They are built to use as an online chat app, SMS, and often even voice chat to imitate normal human communication. Chatbots are also able to communicate and collect information from other chatbots, even though they are designed for human consumption.

The chatbots have many different names: chatterbots, talk bots, bots, chatterboxes, artificial conversation entities (ACE), and virtual assistants. They are eligible for hundreds of activities, such as helping to address any legal concerns you might have, becoming a personal trainer or helping you plan your schedule. There are also those as pointless as the one from your local coffee shop built to reflect a common seasonal drink.

Most chatbots are present to understand and react to a limited set of keywords with the appropriate information. It's more of a complex "if this is the case," if the user mentions "e-mail setup," then send user "how to set up your email guide." There are others, though, who are much more sophisticated and improve from the interactions they have with other people.

Chatbots can enlighten and assist users/customers in several different ways:

Instant Availability.

When you have a product to sell, the fact that chatbots are online 24/7 is a significant plus. Not all want to search for something between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., and the possibility of seeking assistance as needed 24/7 is significant.


Encouraging purchases, allowing suggestions dependent on earlier orders etc using an eCommerce bot. Another definition of an eCommerce bot will be one that would assist you with a purchase, including order specifics, log records, and maybe also support you with refunds if what you have purchased is not what you want.

Customer service.

The chatbots were designed to be customer service agents in practice. There can be a chatbot to address customers and answer fundamental questions instead of a complete call centre swamped with calls about everything under the sun. If the chatbot feels unable to answer the question to the satisfaction of the user, then it may escalate it to a live agent.


Many banks now use chatbots to help you conduct your online banking without ever wanting to visit the website of the bank. Instead, you chat with a bot to get the information you need.

Customer concerns.

A future or current consumer cannot (or may not want) communicate to a human salesman meaning that a chatbot is an agent with quality content, who may address queries or give suggestions on items.

Up-to-date Tracking.

Keep a log of communications between clients and the bot. It offers you clear visibility into what consumers are searching for and what they are waiting for.

Want to integrate chatbot as part of your online customer service?

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