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How to run ads on FACEBOOK?

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

1. Create a Facebook Ads Manager account.

The Ad Manager on Facebook is a comprehensive dashboard that gives users a summary of all their campaigns.

Upfront, the dashboard demonstrates an estimation of how much you pay per day. The dashboard is grouped by columns, so you can quickly sort your advertising and create a personalised view of your performance. Key numbers such as distance, frequency, and cost are readily accessible, making it a no brainer to report on results.

2. Pick an objective.

Like many social media advertising networks, Facebook's Ads Manager is designed with your campaign target in mind. Ads Manager will prompt you to pick a goal for your campaign before getting started:

To choose from, there are 9 different goals. From general brand awareness to receiving messages, to getting more leads, the list includes everything.

You give Facebook a better idea of what you want to do by choosing one of these goals so that they can present you with the best-suited ad-options. Facebook's ad choices include, as seen in the screenshot above:

  1. Get more messages

  2. Get more website purchases

  3. Boost a post

  4. Boost an Instagram post

  5. Get more bookings

  6. Promote your page

  7. Promote your business locally

  8. Get more website visitors

  9. Get more leads

Let's presume, for the purposes of this blog article, there are more messages you're looking to receive. Facebook automatically pulls your cover picture for the ad when you choose this choice, or you can upload your own photo/video artwork.

3. Pick an audience.

Setting up your target audience is your next step — you can do this for each ad set that belongs to the same campaign. If you're only starting out on Facebook with paid ads, it's possible that before you find a demographic that suits, you'll have to play with many different targeting choices.

Facebook's targeting requirements are followed by an audience definition gauge to help you narrow your scope. To come up with a potential reach number, this tool takes all of your selected criteria into account.

Remember your target if you're deciding between a single audience or a wide/broad audience. If you're trying to push traffic, you're definitely going to want to concentrate on the kind of individuals whom you believe would be involved in your post. If you're trying to develop brand recognition or encourage a highly enticing bid.

You also have the ability to pick a custom demographic, which helps you to reach users on Facebook who are in the contact database of your computer, visit a page with a monitoring pixel on your website, or use your app or game.

If you identify a community that reacts well to your advertising, Facebook enables you to save certain audiences to be used again later — so if you have been running Facebook ads for a while, you do not need to delve into this phase.

4. Defining your budget.

You can set either a daily budget or FB can customise your campaign for you. Here's how they vary from one another:

Daily Budget. This is the choice you'll want to go with if you want your ad collection to run continuously during the day. Using a daily budget means that your spending per day will be paced by Facebook. Bear in mind that for an ad collection, the minimum regular expenditure is EUR 1.00.

Secondly, choose whether you want the advertisement to run automatically until your budget runs out or whether you want the start and finish dates to be personalised.


  • Your image may not include more than 20% text. See how much text is on your image.

  • Video Ads have a higher reach

  • You can run Instagram Ads directly via Facebook Ads Manager.

  • Try keeping 1:1 ratio for all artwork

Once, you have successfully uploaded your artwork, set the target audience, location, budget – simply click Promote Now and Facebook will let you know once your ad starts running. 

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