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Why PWA is a better option than developing a Mobile App?

Google's innovative Internet applications are gathering immense attention among global leaders of new technology. Organizations such as Pinterest, AliExpress, Trivago, OLX and Forbes, who have evaluated on the ground and realised the true potential of PWA as a way to improve consumer engagement and enhance accessibility.

What are PWAs?

Progressive Web Application, launched in 2015, as Google's initiative to enhance Android users' online browsing experience. It's primarily a unique marriage of the best web and mobile app features to give the mobile users a simple and comprehensive web browsing experience. In simple terms, it is a website that looks and feels like an app. Have you ever considered building a website that looks like an app and functions like one too? PWA serves as a fantastic time and cost-saving choice for those who choose to design and grow a website for both the smartphone and the new-gen of internet users.

Let me give reasons to ease your dilemma whether you should invest your hard-earned money in a PWA or not! 

Compared to conventional websites, PWAs have excellent speed and performance.

A progressive web app makes loading the content faster and almost instantaneously since it's cached on the smartphone itself. Compared to conventional websites it offers a wonderful navigation experience for users. and this also allows larger sites to better the ranking and conversion rates of search engines.

Exceptional Web Defence.

Given that PWA uses the most secure TLS connection, you can provide your users with an extra safe portal for exploring your services and promote online transactions. The TLS encryption removes the risk for cyber threats, impersonation, data stealing, etc.

Allow users to experience a normal mobile version when offline.

As with regular mobile applications, the progressive web application has offline capabilities. This is one of the great benefits for consumers who are attempting to preserve their data plans, or for those with an unstable network and even for certain situations when one may abruptly lose the Internet. 

Access Hardware.

Unlike hybrid smartphone applications, PWAs can control most common hardware functionality of both Andriod and iOS cell phones. In addition, it can even control other functions of iOS. This ensures you have a website with the capability of being offline, voice recording, picture capturing, etc.

To conclude the aim is to drive developers to create better applications for their customers, but there is no uniform method to turn a platform into a PWA. Progressive Mobile Applications may also be built separately, from scratch or through ready-to-use solutions which can dramatically minimize deployment time and costs.

The first solution is focused strongly on the research of front-end developers in-house. There are two key stages of transforming a basic website or a tiny shop into a PWA: creating a Web App Manifest, a Support Manager, and then inserting a PWA checklist. The method, therefore, needs a detailed knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. When we are working with tiny companies who are not trying to leverage PWA's maximum capacity, this may be achieved.

The difficulty level increases with the project's complicated brief. The process of turning sites into PWAs can create serious challenges for eCommerce brands with multiple sites or marketplaces. The potential expense of downtime may be too big for risk. To stop any surprises, eCommerce businesses frequently carefully plan to search for already validated PWA options on the market. This strategy would be 75 per cent cheaper than individually developing a PWA, guaranteeing a time to market as short as 2-3 months, then after 4-9 months producing a significant ROI. It needs some substantial expenditure and a relationship that assures smooth execution. Yet it's a long cry better and more efficient in general than creating a PWA from scratch.

Thus, whether you're just looking to invest in a Progressive Web App, you need to contact one of the best Web Development firms and know that only seasoned and qualified team of mobile device developers can manage your project.

Contact me now at sales@digicommerce.ie to learn more about how we can develop a PWA for your company.

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